Why Cryptohippie

We at Cryptohippie care about privacy. Each member of our team advocates and defends privacy, in both their personal and professional life. That is why our service doesn’t demand any personal information to sign up. You can reach us anonymously, you can pay anonymously and you can stay anonymous as long as you choose to. The system is built in a way that even our administrators cannot see any identifying information about our customers.

We’ve changed the way VPN authentication is done. Common practice is to authenticate users through their VPN connections, which endangers their privacy by linking their accounts with their network address. Cryptohippie has gone the extra mile of separating VPN connection and authentication so that the network never learns anything about the users’ accounts.

Ours is multi hop VPN, which enhances your security and privacy by bouncing your data and communications through two or more different jurisdictions.

Cryptohippie is not a single company, but an international group of companies, each managing and operating a different part of the Cryptohippie network. Our network operations are distributed between Panama and Germany, while customer relations are located in the USA and St Kitts & Nevis. We operate routers and servers in Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, USA and Canada. Separating these operations between multiple jurisdictions we minimize the chance of being legally coerced into revealing data authorities think we have.

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