About Cryptohippie

Cryptohippie has been a specialized provider of secure communications services since 2007, when it was founded as a merger of MexhMX, Diclave, and Roque Holding – companies active in privacy protection services since 2000. Some of the best known privacy protection and security services licensed earlier versions of our products. Since then Cryptohippie has specialized in privacy enhancing technologies such as Virtual Private Networks, anonymous email and highly secure storage.

Unlike other service providers, Cryptohippie has always maintained that not just technical but legal considerations must be taken into account, which is why Cryptohippie separates sales and network operations between companies based in separate jurisdictions and with non-indentical ownership. Our terminators are operated by Cryptohippie Panama Inc, entry servers are operated by a German company and sales and customer support are operated by Cryptohippie USA Inc.

Cryptohippie’s corporate philosophy is based on our team’s personal belief that privacy allows humans to live in dignity, as individuals, and that it has a potential to remove force from human interaction. This is why our team’s goal is to enable humans to exercise that privacy in the digital age by bringing them state of the art services.

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